Tel. 00 34 981 936 321 | SILAN 2019 | PORTO | 24-27 SEP 2019

Trade Show Regulations

1.- The trade show will be held in the Miragaia Room and S.João Room at the Alfândega Porto Congress Centre

2.- Space allocation will be performed following strict order of application.

3.- The organisation reserves the right to change the location of the trade show space in cases of force majeure, without negatively affecting the interests of the exhibitor.

4.- The price of all 2x3 modules is 6,000.00 € plus 21% VAT. The full amount will be invoiced at the moment of contracting.

5.- Any possible cancellations will be considered individually by the organising committee for their evaluation and possible reimbursement.

6.- The trade show space will be open 24 hours during the days the congress is held. The organisation is not responsible for the material exhibited.

7.- All material must be forwarded to:

Alfândega Porto Congress Centre
Nova da Alfândega, 4050-430 Porto, Portugal
Telephone: +351 22 340 3000

Specify number of packages, name of laboratory, booth number and name of person in charge, including their mobile phone number. The material to be placed in the bags must be sent to the technical secretary, specifying it is material to be placed inside the bags. The material will be received at the Congress Center on September 19 and 20 in Room 36, where there will be conference staff to receive the packages.

8.- Day for booth set up: Monday, 23 September.

Taking down of booths: Friday, 27 September starting at 2 pm.