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Regulations for booth set up inside the building

During the assembly and dismantling of the booths, and in general during the event, it is forbidden to place material in space allocated to other exhibitors and in common areas that must be kept clear to allow people and materials to circulate.

Placing posters, signs, stickers, etc. may not be placed on walls, floors or columns at the venue, without prior authorisation from the Technical Department.

Booths may under no circumstances be set up with construction materials nor may any materials such as cement, plaster, tiles and similar elements be used. Access with combustible material, such as gasoline, acetylene, petrol, or any other flammable materials is forbidden. The use of individual heaters is strictly prohibited.

The exhibitor is responsible for transferring their goods from the warehouse to their booth and it is the responsibility of each company to provide the necessary means to do so.

After the event is over, any material that is to be removed must be stored in the specified storage area. Exhibitors are responsible for transferring their goods. Goods must be indentified with the following data for their final withdrawal:

  • Event name and date
  • Addresse
  • Sender
  • No. of packages

IDENTIFICATION: All persons inside the facilities must duly identify themselves if a Security member so requires it. Non fulfilment of this obligation will lead to the adoption of the corresponding measures, which include being removed from the premises.



Each exhibitor is obliged to keep their booth in perfectly clean conditions. The dimensions provided of the surface area, supporting structures and leased elements are approximate. The Organising Committee reserves the right to change the dimensions for the purpose of using the available trade show area in a more efficient manner and to adjust the supporting structures in the trade show hall drawings. However, the fees charged are based on the real dimensions.

Someone must be in the booth at all times during the trade show hours. The trade show areas may only be used during the congress opening hours. It is forbidden for any advertiser who is not an exhibitor to advertise in the trade show hall or in the congress facilities.

Exhibitors who will be setting up their own booth must first contact the Technical Secretary and confirm its exact positioning. The maximum height for the side and back walls of the booths is 2.5 metres. Any variation to this specific standard will require permission from the Organising Committee. The Organising Committee reserves the right to demand changes in the stands or exhibits if the security standards, technical requisites or the responsibility of preserving the general image of the location so require it. If an exhibitor does not comply with these guidelines, the Organising Committee reserves the right to adopt the necessary measures at the expense of the exhibitor.



Each company is obliged to collect and withdraw from the premises any waste generated during the set up and taking down of the booths. They should bring the necessary means to do so. A job is not considered to be finished until all the auxiliary materials used and all the waste produced has been removed.

For modular booth assembly and leasing material and furniture, please contact:

Octavio Iglesias
Tfno. 00.34.981936321



General Rules for Rental and Use of Rented Spaces


Safety Regulations for Rented Spaces